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about voemhealth  voemhealth

voemhealth is a lifestyle portal participating in the global awakening of consciousness.

voem is dedicated to featuring content which motivates the individual to exercising their full-potential in this life. Selected teachings and references are cross-disciplined and non-denominational. We choose to have an open belief system which values acceptance, sustainability and peace. Our featured content and teachings assist in developing the qualities of compassion, truthfulness and contentment in individuals. This is the goal of voem.

Fitness – Everything begins with developing the physical. We dont need to be ripped and muscular or super athletic but developing an efficient and healthy body is essential to creating a positive reality for yourself. voemhealth will help you build your temple.

Nutrition – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. This saying couldnt be more true now than ever. Nutrition is the most important aspect of maintaining and developing your body and mind. Proper nutrition not only helps us develop healthy bodies and ward off disease, it can affect the way we think and increase our awareness.

Well-being – A dynamic state of physical, mental and social wellness; a way of life which the individual realizes the full potential of his/her capabilities and to overcome and compensate for weaknesses; a lifestyle which recognizes the importance of nutrition, physical fitness, stress reduction, and self responsibility.  Well-being has been viewed as the result of four key factors over which an individual has varying degrees of control: human biology, social and physical environment, health care organization (system), and lifestyle.

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