Which Foods Effect The Way Your Body Functions?

Which Foods Effect The Way Your Body Functions?
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Many people focus on weight gain and excess fat as an indicator of unhealthy nutritional intake. They dismiss the fact that unhealthy food is reponsible for a range of different bodily issues which can manifest themselves in various ways.

Consider the 5 points below which suggest how to improve and enhance your body.

1) Improve your brain power and memory.

The effect food has on the brain is greatly overlooked by many. Unhealthy nutrition can effect essential cognitive functions which include remembering, learning or thinking. These functions will be reduced as a result of consuming a high content of saturated fats. Ensure that you are aware of foods containing these fats and lower your intake which will result in improved brain power and memory.

2) Stop headaches and migranes.

Red wine, beer, cheese and even chocolate can contribute to headaches since these foods contain a considerable amount of amino acids. They also effect the chemistry of the brain which can often cause tension headaches and migranes.

3) Improve body odour.

Many people associate bad body odour with clealiness but also fail to realise that in many cases this odour can relate to food intake, in particular red meat consumption can cause body odour.

4) Clear acne.

The fact that food affects acne is more commonly known, however what is the underlying cause? Acne is caused by sebum production within the body, this production is increased with the introduction of saturated fats, usually through milk consumption within your diet.

5) Stop bad breath.

It is not only unhealthy food that can effect the body adversely, foods such as cabbage, garlic, onions and dairy foods produce strong odours when dispelled from the lungs as a result of the odour having been collected by the blood system.
The importance of nutrition and its effects on the body cannot be overstated since there is a bodily function effected after everything we eat, learn to be more thoughtful about the food that you consume.