What Being a Mother Has Taught Me Healthier Heather

What Being a Mother Has Taught Me  Healthier Heather

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What Being a Mother Has Taught Me

Its Mothers Day weekend. I have been a Mother for almost 5 years. I say 5 years because my life changed the minute I saw the little + in the window that fateful day in September 2006. Since that day I have learned a million lessons and have changed more than I ever could have imagined. I thought I would list some of the lessons I have learned along the way and celebrate the amazing women that are Mothers around the world.

1) Waiting to have a baby until I was 30 was right for me. My 20s belonged to me to have fun, find myself and make a whole lot of mistakes.

2) Not knowing if we were having a boy or a girl was the greatest surprise of my life.

3) I really wasnt busy before being a Mom. I thought I was busy. I had no idea.

4) The greatest words in the world are Mama, I love you.

5) Being a mother has made me a more understanding woman, kinder and more patient. I also think that mothers look out for each other, and attack each other in the same breath. We are our own worst enemies. We should be kinder and less critical of one another.

6) My mother is the smartest, most amazing woman I know. My mother in law raised an amazing son. I feel terrible for all the times I made my parents cry, yell and broke their hearts. I took my Mom for granted every day that I was growing up. I dont now. My Mom is a rock. So is my mother in law. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

7) Work life balance is a figment of imagination. Balance is minute to minute, not a constant state.

Baby puke smells worse than anything I have smelled before. And poop with gas behind it can make it clear across the room. I. had. no. idea. But boy did I learn the hard way.

9) Celebrities who lose the baby weight in 3 months are the minority. Im still going on 4 years. I know women who are going on 40 years. Celebrate the curves- we have earned them. My hips brought another human being into this world. That means more than a pair of jeans.

10) I thought I loved my husband alot the day I married him. He is an AMAZING father. I love him more than the day I married him because I see the man that was inside him. He is his true self. Fatherhood made him better and I love him for more for it.

11) I feel guilty working and I dont want to be a stay at home Mom.  Is there a mid-point? I dont think I will ever know the answer to that question. And I know Im not alone.

12) Everyone says, Enjoy it. It goes by so fast. I never knew what that meant until I see this picture

and feel like they were taken close together. Time is flying and some days I yearn for it to stand still.

13) I feel fulfilled when Im the only person he wants when hes sick. There is something about a Moms touch. May he always let me cuddle him because nothing feels like that in the world.

14) When babies come out they dont know what healthy vs. junk food is. Lead with healthy foods. Create the norm for them. Logan asks for fruit and we did that. One of the things I am most proud of in my life.

15) Baby Einstein DVDs didnt rot his brain. And it allowed me to have 20 minutes to myself. Put the DVD in. Trust me, they will be fine and you will be better off.

16) Love means hugs and kisses and that we take care of each other- Logan, age 3

17) Taking trips with my husband makes us better parents. Take the time to be together without the kids. Make the effort. Your marriage and your family will be better off.

18) They didnt give me an instruction booklet when I left the hospital but my intuition is pretty good. The more I trust it, the more I am headed in the right direction.

19) I still have alot to learn and Im always nervous about how Logan will end up but I know that the basics that we give with love, encouragement, firmness and fun will put him on the right track. I try my best and thats all you can do.

20) The greatest thing I have learned is that being a Mama is the most amazing, scary, loving, harrowing and noble thing one can do. I love being Logans Mom. He gives me more joy and love, but tests me as well, on a daily basis. I wouldnt change anything for that.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers who are reading this. I honor you and applaud what you do each and every day. Lets continue to cheer each other on- we can use all of the support we can get. It takes a village.

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