February 2015

February 2015

The moshi codes are the secret code which may be entered on the secret code of Moshi Monsters website and it gives the access to many items that a person needs to play. The items are going to just appear in other items according to the code you entered. For example if the moshi monster secret codes are meant to be used for the clothes, the clothes will appear in the dress-up room.


There are moshi monsters codes which may be used by many people or special codes which are only used by one person and they are meant to unlock some special features of the game like 1000 Rox or Special seed. They may be bought with other merchandise at Moshling Mall.

Where to play Moshi Monsters

Mindy Candy has also released the Moshi Monsters Village at Google play, and this is a 3D city builder which was published under GREE and it was developed by the Tag Games. When the GREE UK shut down, Mind Candy took over the game as its publisher and Tag Games continued for the development. The game had been re-launched on the devices from Apple and this is before the movie was released. The moshi secret codes can still work on the mobile devices if they are compatible and the latest version is available at iOS.

The Mind Moshi released the Moshi Monster film in 2013 and a Moshi Monster Magazines, issue 34 included a DVD that has its trailer and music. The short preview of the trailer was aired at ITV Daybreak. Afterwards, the trailer was released on the MSN.

The moshi codes can be used for different items

When you get the moshi monsters codes for moshlings, you should enter them in a secret code box after you log into your account. After putting in your code, the items will appear in the Treasure Chest or in the dress up room. You can also find the Moshi Monsters codes that you can use for your stuff and foods or other items needed while playing.