Body Shredder Workout

Body Shredder Workout

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Body Shredder WorkoutPublished August 14, 2011 By kelly

Insane workout vids: This video I’ll show you four exercise you can do at home with no weights, press play and lets get started. For more workouts and tips, check out my free vid at:

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Awesome workout man. I only managed to do it 4 times and i was dead! Definitely feel it all over and i’m sweating like a pig. Keep the great workouts coming!

lol by the last round i couldnt even feel my body haha

dive bombers, cobras…damn, that sounds awhhhhhhsome, dude!

damn, this workout really kicks your ass, i was suprised after i did it, by the third set of dive bombers it was getting harder and i just got done, i feel it most in my back, shoulders, biceps, legs, and abs, i actually smiled when i got done, its awesome. thanks, bro.

Would people suggest that exorcises like these are a good idea when i’m trying to put on weight while becoming more toned? Or do they just burn up to many calories?

@XxModernDayRaiderxX i care about thumbs up why? oh yea thats right i dont. if i cared then i would have said “thumbs up for ____ ___”. Also i thought of that myself i dont know if you realized but a lot of people have the same kind of imagination so someone else could of made that up themselves and I could have too. quit trollin pussy

six pack wipes are more effective if your holding a bar

hey mike about how many calories do you think this workout burns. A rough estimate if you please?im counting calorie burn workouts and adding calorie intake daily.i keep a log. i know everyone burns calories at different rates but about how many at least do you think it burns?

@TheMistahTrini everyone knows you stole that comment lol no thumb up for you

@heyheyheyheyheyhe175 i hope you are woman

i thought your not supposed to touch the floor it look like you were i dont know but we did these in taekwondo and if you touch the floor you get the legs step on lol he was strict but that was how i liked it it made your form perfect

great workout, do this workout every other day, thanks

damn he’s got a nice ass! I’ll ride him any day.

mike has a six pack back too

Where did u get the floor mat?

Thumbs up if you’d let him dive bomb you!! ;D

that is some positions there XD

The sound on my computer doesnt work how many of each do you do

Does anyone else else watch these vids for no other reason than to get motivated to get a body like that?

I’m 20 years old I’m a pretty small girl nd I just want to get toned and in shape any tips for other work outs I can do nd not get crazy big muscles

@raisebarhere Thanks alot mate, much appreciated

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