Personal and Group Training

Personal and Group Training

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Personal and Group Training

At Asheville Racquet and Fitness Club, our goal is to get you involved in an active and effective program that allows you to make the most of your time with us. We know you want results and we want to help you achieve your goals; whether that is an enhanced tennis game, a healthy lifestyle, a marathon, or shedding weight.

Our personal training staff are nationally certified, experienced and caring individuals who enjoy helping others reach their potential. From the moment you are a member, we are working to get you involved and we start with a complimentary fitness assessment or consultation. We will be your guide through your very first workout here, answer your questions, and make sure you feel at home.

With state of the art technology, and a staff that knows how to make your experience at ARFC a productive and fun one; we are here for you. Let ARFC Personal Training be your guide!

Non– members are always welcome!

Circuit Express

Circuit training is one of the most beneficial forms of cardio respiratory training. It allows for comparable fitness results without spending extended periods of time to achieve them.

Circuit training programs consist of a series of resistance training exercises that an individual performs, one after the other, with minimal rest. It is also a good way to accomplish cardio training. We offer 2 classes per week on a permanent basis but can create one around your group or office staff! Circuit Training is not only comprehensive, but easy on the budget as well. Groups are motivating and not intimidating- get your offices working out together!

Non- Members Welcome

Call for Current Pricing and Space Availability- Corporate rates!

Classes are run by a Certified Personal Trainer

Science Based Training at ARFC is now available!

Until recently, these assessments were only available to elite athletes. We are the only facility that offers this comprehensive testing with the knowledge and experienced staff to apply it to your life.

With two easy assessments, we can take an actual “snapshot” of your metabolism by:

Measuring your RESTING METABOLIC RATE to determine YOUR daily caloric needs and… Assessing YOUR body’s response to exercise with a PEAK VO2 measure.

The Exercise Assessment portion of the program is simple, comfortable and takes only a matter of minutes. The assessment is performed during an easy workout on a treadmill, stationary bike, or other exercise equipment. After the assessment, your personal trainer provides you with a full report that accurately identifies your aerobic fitness and optimal exercise intensity levels.

The Resting Metabolic Assessment is performed while resting comfortably in a chair and takes as few as 10 to 15 minutes. The measurements obtained establish your resting caloric needs - the precise number of calories your body needs to maintain its basic functions. With this information you''ll know how many calories your body needs which helps you limit the calories you consume to lose the inches you want.


“George is a professional personal trainer who really gets results. He understands how muscles work and maximizes workouts with efficient and extremely effective exercises. With George’s guidance and dynamic exercise programs, I am now in the best shape of my life.” - Sergey Zalevskiy