Tips on Faster Weight Loss

Tips on Faster Weight Loss
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The modern youth is more concerned about his looks than anything else specially the girls. If you do not have a good figure what will you flaunt as per the saying ‘have it flaunt it’. But obesity comes in between dreams and reality. Obesity not only lets their health down but also affects their mental level of fitness.

For speedier weight loss we are here to provide you some tips;

·Drinking at least 12 glasses of water in a day with at least two glasses being downed at the moment you get up in the morning.

·Have apples, yogurt, bananas, carrots, tomatoes for your breakfast and try to avoid bread of any kind together with a glass of fresh fruit juice or skimmed milk.

Weigh your self every week and keep a written record of the weight.

Have your dinner before sunset as this will allow a gap of at least five hours between your dinner and sleep.

Exercise regularly with a balanced diet including one hour of morning walk.

Do not use any kind of fat burning pills or supplements as these have unwanted side affects in the long run.

Avoid soft drinks which just have 150 calories and zero nutrients.

Keep your self busy as an empty mind always thing of eating.

Eat slowly so that the food is properly chewed and this gives you a fulfilling feeling. Eat for the taste of the food and not for just filling your stomach.

Reduce your food intake by about 15% which out changing any thing will also be beneficial in a weight loss program.

The important point to note in any weight loss program is to constantly reduce the weight and not abruptly reduce it. Any excessive weight reduction in a very short span of time will return back with some additional weight which is not desirable at all.

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