Precautions training for pregnant women

Precautions training for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a physical challenge in itself and while training during pregnancy is great for keeping fit is important to know how much exercise you do and when not to.

You can benefit from training to relieve stress, improve posture and maintain strength and fitness and weight control during pregnancy will inevitably increase. Staying with the exercise at this stage will also make you easier to recover your physical condition and after the birth of your baby.

- If you have not exercised for a while or are new to exercise consult your doctor what activities are allowed and which not. Possibly you recommend something simple like walking on a treadmill or do yoga.

- If you find that you already exercised before pregnancy then there is no reason to discontinue the exercise for nine months but will be careful with some precautions. Preferably avoid any activity that involves a significant burden on your ligaments and joints as the kinds of high-impact aerobics. Extreme sports and contact sports are prohibited. Avoid anything harsh or high-stress during this time, but be sure to train.

- Remember that the goal is to keep the state and / or strength you already have, do not profit in any of these two aspects. So do not go to the gym to get a lot of weight over 100 kilos or upload to a squat (which also should avoid). Weight exercises can be done, but not all weight exercises. Pilates can be another option and some calisthenics.

- Strengthen the lower back should be on your list of priorities. Maintain a strong core that supports the spine, especially when your baby grows and your center of gravity change is very important and you will relieve a lot.

But you can not do crunches or spinal for obvious reasons there are some yoga breathing exercises and other positions that will give you the strength you need to keep the weight of your baby as he grows up.

- Anything else you have to keep in mind is that inevitably you will be changing the exercises in your belly as you grow. And if it is a carefully stage of the exercises in the water next to yoga remains one of the best ways to train during pregnancy.

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