Exercise Club and Weight loss

Exercise  Club and Weight loss

Dealing with the up''s and down''s of weightloss

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Exercise Club and Weight lossBy Emma on May 29, 2009

So this month my teenage son says to me he wants to join the Y fitness. So I go with him to check it out, but I am hesitant. By the end we are signed up and I start to work out on the elliptical. I love it . I make a commitment to go every morning before work and then it is done for the day. I even started lifting some weights. It has made a huge difference for my energy level. The other great thing is there is a group of regulars that work out every am, and they start to expect me there. I continue to do my workout tapes at home. Huge weight loss this month 21 lbs- it really bumped up my metabolism! I am also down to size 14 pants from size 22!!!

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